AMAFHH Investments is the latest member of the Success Group controlling the groups’ procurement, construction and development activities of prime UK property. Set up in 2014, AMAFHH Investments is rapidly growing with an ever-increasing property portfolio and some very exciting projects planned in the foreseeable future.

As with the other members of the Success Group, AMAFHH Investments is a wholly privately owned entity with a handful of key decision-makers and a strong team of property experts. AMAFHH Investments has also partnered up with some of the industry’s leading and most respected companies to ensure the quality of its developments are exceptional.

Having a substantial capital fund in excess of £100million to invest within the UK’s prime property locations, AMAFHH aims to regenerate areas in the UK to promote community based developments that will benefit the surrounding areas generating employment, residential units and mixed use facilities.

Chaired by Mr Mohammed Abdul Rasoul Jawad and led by the energetic CEO Laith Al Balaghi, AMAFHH Investments aims to establish a strong foothold within the UK residential and commercial market and has already made strong impressive acquisitions.

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