The Chairman Mr Mohammed Abdul Rasoul Jawad has been the corner stone and the guiding light upon which AMAFHH was established. It is his financial support and business expertise that has allowed the organic growth of this enterprise. Working tirelessly and diligently with all the team members of the group, Mr Jawad’s hand on approach ensured that all the projects undertaken have been a success.

Mr Jawad is a prolific entrepreneur, theologian, philosopher and philanthropist. He left Iraq having faced adversity to become an extremely successful stock trader in Kuwait during the boom stock market days in the early 80’s.

Looking for new challenges and a more stable economic environment, Mr Jawad migrated to the UK in 1983 setting up the first private independent pharmacy within Central London establishing new exceptional standards in retail and healthcare.

Mohammed Abdul Rasoul Jawad also continues to participate within the ex-pat Iraqi community running annual seminars and forums for the youth. He invests extensively in the younger generation and provides many opportunities, constantly offering internships, work experience and employment. Mr Jawad is a renowned poet laureate and a highly respected member of the community having hosted seminars and lectures annually in London for more than 35 years...

His vision for the upcoming projects to be undertaken by AMAFHH will include sourcing a location within the London area that will house all aspects of a viable community-based project providing residential opportunities, employment, commercial centre and a mixed-use development.